These are some really good examples of photos that would work well for silhouettes

Tips on making photos for classic silhouettes

The photo should be in profile (side view), and taken at eye level. Be sure the entire head and shoulders
are in view. Try to get a contrasting background so that the details don't fade into the shadows.

Please take the photo with the hair style that you want the silhouette to show.   If the subject has long
hair,  sweep it back away from the face, so that I can see the chin and neck  and the photo is taken from
a distance that shows the ends of the hair.   Or put the hair up. Pony tails, braids, buns,  etc.,  look really
cute in silhouettes.  

Tips for photographing a child

Make sure to get on their level. If you take the photo looking down at the child,  the features are
distorted. It's easier to get a good photo  with the child standing.  Try taking their photo while they are
watching their favorite cartoon.   

If you aim at the subjects ear and imagine that you are looking straight out the other side,  you've got
the right view.  

Email your photo and if it won't work, we'll let you know to send us another view.   Smart phone photos
work well.

How to order silhouettes

Place your order through our  Shop  page.
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Email your photo(s) to (Smart phone photos work well.)
Put the billing name and zip code from your order on the subject line of your email.
Please include any special instructions in your email.

Or by mail.  Please send a xerox copy of your photo (black & white is fine) along with your check to cover
silhouettes and postage.  Please include a contact telephone number with your order.  

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