Edward's experience in portraiture spans over 40 years.  He has had the opportunity to
study the works of the masters in museums worldwide.  His studies have led him to the
Louvre in Paris, the Met in New York, the Art Institute in Chicago and the High Museum in

His formal education includes a bachelor degree in fine art and a minor in education from
the University of West Georgia. Where he received the Ben Lucas Award for academic
excellence and was an honor graduate.

Edward will amaze you with his speed and accuracy.  He was a top selling portrait artist at
Walt Disney World from 1989-1991 and has won numerous awards for his art work.
For over 20 years he has worked with public and private schools and recently received
international recognition.

There are only a handful of professional silhouette artist nationwide. Whether working from
life or from photos, Edward cuts the classic silhouettes freehand using only scissors and
paper.  He uses his talent to create precious keepsakes.  It has been called amazing, the way
he accurately captures the likenesses of each subject in only a matter of seconds.  
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